Q: How much do you charge for a basic headshot?

A: Headshot sessions start at $75. That price includes shoot time, time to decide on which image the client likes best, retouching time, and a digital copy of your final retouched image. The final image has full usage rights released to the client. 

If the client needs additional final images the second and third images are priced at a discounted rate (2-Final Images for $125 and 3-Final Images for $150.)


Q: Do you do on location portrait sessions.

A: Yes I do on location sessions all the time. I do have to charge for travel time and mileage if the location is more that 10 miles from downtown Gainesville.


Q: How much do you charge for commercial photography?

A: My rate for commercial photography is $200 per hour of shoot time. However I do not charge extra for image selection, color and density correction, and file sizing. So in essence my clients get two hours worth of work for that shoot time fee.